Use of Cookies by EVISE

As explained in our privacy policy, cookies and similar technologies enable a website to work, or work more efficiently, as well as provide information and additional services.
This page explains the use of cookies and similar tools set by the EVISE application.

Certain cookies, which are used for security and session identification purposes, are required in order for the application to work correctly. If these cookies are not enabled,
users cannot use EVISE.

The table below explains the main cookies used in EVISE and their purpose.


Cookie Name




This cookie, provided by Oracle, maintains the ID of the current user session.



This cookie is used for the “Keep me signed in” functionality.

Elsevier Profile

utt, ezproxy

These cookies are used to maintain the user session and to optimize page loading.

Elsevier Profile


This cookie is used for single sign-on between other Elsevier products in the user's subscription (e.g. Scopus, ScienceDirect, Mendeley, etc).

Google Analytics

_gu, _ga, _gat

These web analytics cookies, provided by Google Inc., are used to throttle the request rate, limiting the collection of data on high traffic sites.

See Google Analytics Cookies and Privacy Controls for more information.


Option to decline the use of cookies

You can prevent your browser from accepting certain cookies, have the browser require your consent before a new cookie is placed in your browser, or block cookies altogether by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser's privacy preferences menu.  

To avoid receiving cookies on the browser of your mobile device, you will need to refer to its user manual.


Last revised: 11 Aug 2016